Fees at DP

There are many things for purchace at DP Including variouus golf ball bucket sizes, personalized lessons, lesson books, lesson CD's, various drinks, and snacks are all available

Ball Bucket Sizes

Small Bucket: $6 per bucket with 45 balls per bucket


Medium Bucket: $8 per bucket with 75 balls per bucket

Large Bucket: $10 per bucket with 115 balls per bucket

Extra Large Bucket: $18 per bucket with 180 balls per bucket

Lesson Fees

A single lesson is $60

Package of 5 lessons for $250

Group lessons are $150 per person


Group lesson for only 2 people are $125 each


A playing lesson at stonewolf is $120 per hour ( there are no green fees in this deal)

Books and Cd's pricing

A lesson book is $19.95 plus tax

Interactive CDs are $29.95​ plus tax

A package deal of a lesson book and interactive CD is availble for 44.95 plus tax